[torqueusers] Re: Re: Job output files not being copied to

aohara at haverford.edu aohara at haverford.edu
Wed Apr 4 17:19:53 MDT 2007

Ok, I'm not quite sure how to list FQDN's in this case.  The cluster is
kept on its own private network (i.e. nodes have no access to the open
internet and only the head node does).  Therefore all I have is hostnames
(e.g. the head node is babbage, and each of the compute nodes is host01,
host02, etc.) and their associated ip address (,,
etc.).  Thanks.

> Check to make sure that in your authorized_keys file that you have the
> of your nodes.
> Do not use short names as torque will only use the FQDN and when they
> don't
> exist it doesn't work.
> -earle

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