[torqueusers] qdel and remaining parts of jobs

Lennart Karlsson Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se
Thu Sep 28 08:22:28 MDT 2006

Bill wrote: 
> > I have already read some of the ansers you have got, but I think
> > that no one mentioned the prologue and epilogue scripts, that
> > are part of PBS/Torque. They run before and after your job,
> > respectively.
> > 
> > They can help you clean-up jobs.
> > 
> > We mostly clean up temporary file areas with the prologue script
> > and processes with the epilogue script.
> >
> You think for the epilogue.precancel?
> In my case, it's not really easy to set up.
> I launch a lot of different kind of jobs. And epilogue.precancel is 
> launched everytime qdel is called. But not all of my job stop the same way.
> Perhaps, a lot of switch/case (?)

Our simple approach, within the epilogue script, is to kill all processes
belonging to the owner of the job. It works on our clusters, because
only a single job at a time is allowed to run on a node. In case you
have two different jobs, belonging to the same user, running at the
same time on a node, this simple approach does not work.

I have not tried the epilogue.precancel scripts and only use the more
general epilogue script.

-- Lennart Karlsson <Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se>
   National Supercomputer Centre in Linkoping, Sweden

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