[torqueusers] Re: NFS installed Torque/PBS ... security issues ...

Matt Cuttler mcuttler at bnl.gov
Wed Sep 27 09:52:44 MDT 2006

Jerry Smith wrote:

> We run from NFS to avoid rpm/build conflicts on nodes that may need to be
> rebuilt due to hardware failure / OS problems.

Last time I checked, the TORQUE package was a tarball; it shouldn't
interfere with your [rpm-deb-etc.] package database.

> It also helps when upgrading.  

Absolutely. It's certainly more work keeping local copies correct on
every node. I've ran into problems in the past where - for example a
node would be down while I upgraded TORQUE on the other nodes (need to
keep notes on the "one-off" nodes and individually fix them afterwards).
Human/non-automated work. Error-prone.

You mentioned a node count in the thousands. I might feel differently
about local installations at that scale :-)  My environment is a few
hundred nodes.

> We also keep configuration files in a common NFS area, files like:
> pbs_mom/config
> prologue/epilogue
> pbs_environment
> server

I do the same, but the clients aren't actually NFS mounting the config

-Matt Cuttler

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