[torqueusers] Re: NFS installed Torque/PBS ... security issues ...

Jerry Smith jdsmit at sandia.gov
Wed Sep 27 09:38:56 MDT 2006

>> All,
>> In cluster with NFS context, I assume that folks typically install
>> Torque as
>> root and so that the built binaries reside in a single location across
>> the cluster
>> NFS mounted.  
> I don't know if that assumption is accurate. I would assume (and I could
> be wrong, too) that most sites build the TORQUE binaries, and then run
> 'make packages' - dropping and installing the packages locally on each node.

We run from NFS to avoid rpm/build conflicts on nodes that may need to be
rebuilt due to hardware failure / OS problems.

It also helps when upgrading.  We have an area where we build multiple
instances of Torque in NFS space  ie..

And then point to the correct area via a symlink.

This way if testing goes bad, we do not have to rebuild entirely from
scratch, a previously working version.  ( Because we all know even the most
rigorous documentation may miss that 1 change we made to actually get the
stuff to work.  :)   )

We also keep configuration files in a common NFS area, files like:

This way all nodes share the same files and a change in one file is a change
globally.  It makes for much simpler management and debugging when you don't
have to check if every node in a 4500 node cluster has the same config.

This way if a node is powered down/offline for network reasons etc.. We
don't have to worry that it may come up differently from the rest of the
cluster when it is again available.


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