[torqueusers] Bad UID...

Nate Coraor nate at psu.edu
Tue Sep 26 11:07:12 MDT 2006

I just spent a day trying to figure out why my job wouldn't submit  
from only 1 host out of all the submit hosts I tried.  Turns out that  
the host's name was in non-fqdn form on the entry in /etc/ 

Would it be possible for torque to respond with an error message  
that's not misleading (i.e. host claims it's X but resolves to Y) as  
the reason the job's being rejected?  The Bad UID had me setting up  
all of acl_hosts, submit_hosts, SUBMITHOSTS, .rhosts, hosts.equiv,  
all to no avail, assuming there was an rusersok() failure or username  


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