[torqueusers] Problems with installing torque

axel axel.ehrich at tu-clausthal.de
Fri Sep 22 03:23:11 MDT 2006

> > pbs_sched             15004/tcp
> That's a good sign.  It is actually listening on 15004.
> > Hmm ... interesting ...  that it couldn't connect ...
> If it happens once at start up, no biggie.  Is it happening every minute
> or so (or whatever the server's scheduler_iteration is set to), then
> something weird is happening.  Sure there is no port filtering?  SELinux
> rules?

It's happining every 10 Minutes.
The firewall is stoped, no SELinux rules.

Installed is a opensuse 10.0, kernelversion: 2.6.13-15.10-default

The pbs_mom also could connectto the server without any problems.

Could it be, that the schedular is listining on a special ethernet-adapter ? 
There are 3 ethernet-adapters in the computer.

With regards

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