[torqueusers] Problems with installing torque

axel axel.ehrich at tu-clausthal.de
Thu Sep 21 03:14:25 MDT 2006


I try to install torque on a cluster with 24 nodes.
The nodes are recognized by the server (pbsnodes -a shows every node)

But i've problems with submitting jobs. 
The schedular is running on the server, but i got following message 
in /var/log/messages
pbs_server: Connection refused (111) in contact_sched, Could not contact 
Scheduler - port 15004

I installed torque as described in the quickstart manual.
There is no firewall on this computer or any other security feature.
(It's in a private network)

Hope you can help me to start the schedular (it's the one from torque, 

With best regards
Axel Ehrich

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