[torqueusers] Problems with acl_group_enable and acl_group_sloppy

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Thu Sep 21 02:59:09 MDT 2006

Tested with torque versions

I have the following queue definition:
  create queue q_genetics
  set queue q_genetics queue_type = Execution
  set queue q_genetics resources_default.ncpus = 1
  set queue q_genetics resources_default.nodes = 1
  set queue q_genetics resources_default.walltime = 00:01:00
  set queue q_genetics acl_group_enable = True
  set queue q_genetics acl_groups = gaussian
  set queue q_genetics acl_group_sloppy = True
  set queue q_genetics enabled = True
  set queue q_genetics started = True

We have a large cluster with many groups and secondaries. If i am member 
of group it will succeed if i am not a member it will hang up the 
pbs_server. The server does not respond any more. As told before we many 

I have examined the source and i think the check is wrong for 
acl_sloppy_group.  It will fetch a group and find out if the user is a 
member of the group and so on. This will take a lot of time.

To make it faster we must only examine the groups that are allowed for 
the queue. We get the allowed groups from the queue and find out if the 
user is a member.  I made a patch for it and it does not hang up the 
pbs_server anymore ;-)


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