[torqueusers] BLCR support

Neelesh Arora narora at Princeton.EDU
Tue Sep 19 18:05:56 MDT 2006


Quoting from a post by Garrick on Mar 20 2006:
"TORQUE doesn't have BLCR support.  On Linux, TORQUE can suspend jobs
with SIGSTOP, but can't checkpoint.

I think one roadblock to adding BLCR support is that TORQUE doesn't have
a way of knowing when a BLCR-capable job is being run."

I also notice that in v2.1.2, there is an --enable-blcr option. But the 
online docs or the changelog do not mention anything about the support 
being added. And the above post is the latest one I could find on this 

Can someone please clarify what the status of blcr support in torque 
(under linux) is? And in general, if there is a recommended way to 
'truly' checkpoint and restart jobs via torque on linux?



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