[torqueusers] Problem with PBS server

Guenter Bachler guenter.bachler at avl.com
Tue Sep 19 07:48:08 MDT 2006

Dear all,

does anybody know what could have caused the 'Connection refused' 
messages given in the
server_logs section below. Any job submitted to the batch queue stucks 
with status 'Q' instead 'R'

Please note that
- pbs_server, pbs_sched and pbs_mom are installed on the same computer 
- there is no firewall running on the system (OS = SLES 9)

Section of the daily server_log:
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0086;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Recovered queue batch
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0002;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Expected 1, recovered 
1 queues
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0002;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Expected 0, recovered 
0 jobs
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0006;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Using ports 
Server:15001  Scheduler:15004  MOM:15002
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0002;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Server Ready, pid = 
4129, loglevel=0
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0004;PBS_Server;Svr;WARNING;ALERT: unable to contact 
node sgsl001
09/19/2006 15:18:43;0001;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Connection refused 
(111) in contact_sched, Could not contact Scheduler - port 15004
09/19/2006 15:18:48;0040;PBS_Server;Req;ping_nodes;starting
09/19/2006 15:18:48;0040;PBS_Server;Req;ping_nodes;ping attempting to 
contact 1 nodes

09/19/2006 15:18:48;0040;PBS_Server;Req;update_node_state;adjusting 
state for node sgsl001 - state=514, newstate=2
09/19/2006 15:18:48;0040;PBS_Server;Req;ping_nodes;sending ping to 
sgsl001 (new stream 0)
09/19/2006 15:18:48;0040;PBS_Server;Req;ping_nodes;successful ping to 
node sgsl001 (stream 0)
09/19/2006 15:18:49;0040;PBS_Server;Req;do_rpp;rpp request received on 
stream 0

09/19/2006 15:18:49;0040;PBS_Server;Req;do_rpp;corrupt rpp request 
received on stream 0 (invalid protocol)

09/19/2006 15:18:49;0001;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;stream_eof, 
connection to sgsl001 is bad, remote service may be down, message may be 
corrupt, or connection may have been dropped remotely (End of File).  
setting node state to down

Thanks in advance
G. Bachler

Dr. Günter Bachler	
Technical Expert System Administration CAE	
Product Development IT	
Corporate Functions / Information Technology

e-mail: guenter.bachler at avl.com
Phone:  +43-316-787-3425
Fax:    +43-316-787-1847

A-8020 Graz, Hans-List-Platz 1

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