[torqueusers] .ER and .OU written to home directory?

Aquarijen aquarijen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 07:30:39 MDT 2006

Thank you.  Thank you so, so very much.  I was sure this was going to
be a compile option - such is usually my luck!
This is so awesome.  Thank you again.

On 9/14/06, Garrick Staples <garrick at clusterresources.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 04:51:21PM -0400, Aquarijen alleged:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I know I saw somewhere that there was an option an administrator could
> > set to have the pbs_mom write the *.ER nad *.OU files directly to the
> > user's home directory by default. But I can't remember where I saw
> > that and I've been searching now for a while to no avail... Or maybe I
> > was just imagining things.  But, is there an option like that?  I do
> > not allow the users to ssh to the compute nodes, but some would like
> > to be able to see the progress (or lack of progress) of the error and
> > output files on their jobs that hang.
> That would be the qsub's -k option.
>        -k keep Defines  which (if either) of standard output or standard error
>                will be retained on the execution host.  If set for  a stream,
>                this  option  overrides  the path name for that stream.  If not
>                set, neither stream is retained on the execution host.
>                The argument is either the single letter "e"  or  "o", or  the
>                letters  "e" and "o" combined in either order.  Or the argument
>                is the letter "n".
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