[torqueusers] Strange problem with job ids

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Wed Sep 13 08:48:28 MDT 2006

> I am having a strange problem with jobs that I submit. If I submit a job with 
> qsub the job id comes out as xxx.head and it just sits in my queue. If i do 
> qrun xxx I get an error "qrun: Unknown Job Id xxx.head_2. If I do qrun 
> xxx.head it will run the job, What do I need to do to get my default job 
> submission to be xxx.head_2 so I dont have to manually run qrun xxx.head to 
> get a single job to process?

Looks like a DNS issue to me - the machine can't decide if it's head oder
Check that the hostnames and reverse lookups are all OK.


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