[torqueusers] rsh-question

Julian Hagenauer chaosbringer at gmx.de
Wed Sep 13 00:24:44 MDT 2006

i have a three-hosts setup:
hostA acts as jobsubmitter, hostB acts as server (torque via ws-gram/globus) and hostC acts as compute node, that should exucte all jobs.
I have not setup rsh at the moment, because i dont understand, which of that computers must have rsh-access to the other ones.

My thoughts:
hostA does not need any rsh-configuration, because stageIN/Out is done with GridFTP.
hostB does need rsh-access to hostC to stage files in, hostC does need rsh-access to hostB to stage files out.
Is that right?

Is it somehow possible to omit hostB to avoid high traffic on hostB due to large file staging? Maybe in a way that data is directly transfered between hostA and hostC, and hostB only transfers references?

Thanks a lot,

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