[torqueusers] reading the "Time Use" in qstat

bill cluster.bill at alinto.com
Fri Sep 8 01:44:59 MDT 2006

Garrick Staples a écrit :
>>>I' m not sure what means the "Time Use" column in qstat.
>>>Job id              Name             User             Time Use S Queue
>>>------------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------- - -----
>>>128.m1              possession       ghon             44:35:09 R batch
>>>157.m1              ...ession_parall ghon             00:00:00 R batch
>>>The jobs are pretty much equals. Both jobs are running for two days now.
>>>Why there is one consuming Time Use, and another one not?
>>At some point I think torque qstat started reporting CPU time used
>>in that column, rather than job wall time used.  Maybe it always did, and
>>I'm (ahem) "misremembering" somehow. So maybe the latter job isn't
>>using much cpu time. (Some old versions of torque also had time reporting
>>bugs, but chances are you're not running one of 'em, especially since
>>one of the jobs has a real-looking figure...)
> 'qstat' has always had CPU time.  'qstat -a' has always had walltime.
Ok, I found why CPU time is 0, at the end of the output I got:
p0_9596:  p4_error: interrupt SIGSEGV: 11
but the job has not failed. strange.

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