[torqueusers] node and CPU allocation

bill cluster.bill at alinto.com
Wed Sep 6 07:40:34 MDT 2006

Ronny T. Lampert wrote :
>>>How can I submit job for 10 CPU?
>>nodes=2:ppn=4+1:ppn=2 will do the trick
> When I saw this I just had to ask:
> Does it make sense to have a general attribute CPUs? As in:
> "I just want 10 CPUs, but I don't care how you allocate them".
> The scheduler will then decide how those 10 CPUs are allocated.
There is difference for a job running on 4 CPU on the same node and
on 1 CPU on 4 node.
The more CPU on same host, the less time used.

network latency could be a problem.

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