[torqueusers] configure --disable-spool broken?

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Mon Oct 30 18:33:53 MST 2006

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 01:32:22PM -0600, Peter Enstrom alleged:
> In the past we inserted a "#define NO_SPOOL_OUTPUT 1" directly into the 
> server_limits.h file in order to compile Torque so that it spools job 
> output data in the user's home directory rather than in the torque/spool 
> directory.  Now there is a configure option, --disable-spool, which causes 
> this define to be placed in the pbs_config.h file.

I'll double check this option tomorrow.

I never quite understood this option, the point is to spool output into
~/.pbs_spool instead of $PBS_SERVER_HOME/spool, right?

Or is it supposed to do the same as qsub -k?

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