[torqueusers] Question mark in pbsnodes -a

Siddharth sshrinivasan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 10:13:07 MDT 2006


We run a  really old version of torque, 1.2.0p5, and are upgrading to  
the latest version soon. In the old version, some jobs don't seem to  
go on and remain queued even though the resources are available, and  
strict FIFO is set to false. I notice that for the free nodes,  
pbsnodes -a shows a question mark in the status: line, and I am  
wondering if this is the reason jobs are not submitted. Is there a  
fix to this
1. In the old version of torque we use
2. Is this behaviour fixed in the latest version that we are  
upgrading to

I also see that after an undefined period, the jobs DO go on without  
any additional intervention, so im thinking a timeout of so me kind  
that can be set to Zero?

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