[torqueusers] Security Vulnerability in Torque

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Fri Oct 20 17:45:30 MDT 2006

On 2006-10-20 16:06:42 -0600, Garrick Staples wrote:

> > Hmmm. Are --disable-spool torque builds still vulnerable ?
> I wouldn't think so, but I haven't confirmed that.

okay, well, here's another eyeball on it, though it's 
past midnight here, someone-else-again might want to confirm!:

--disable-spool builds shouldn't be vulnerable to this problem,

"keeping" is always forced to 1 in the --disable-spool case in
start_exec.c/std_file_name(), and the system thus always set[eg]ids 
to the user before opening the spool files in the user's home dir
in start_exec.c/open_std_file() , and always forks to the
user in requests.c/req_cpyfile() before copying back the spool files ?

So, well, you could still sequence-predict, but 
it shouldn't get you anywhere in the --disable-spool case.

re style of fix:

* I guess one part of the fix might be to sete[ug]id before open
even in the keeping=0 case... I don't see why one wouldn't? (except of 
course on systems that don't support sete[ug]id at all...). Does
that in fact eliminate any problem?

* sequence-prediction: I'm not sure about the whole randomising 
the name thing.  - Yeah, it'll be less predictable, so in principle
it's a good thing from a security perspective:  But  I know that skins
have been saved here a couple of times now in the face of system failure 
by the predictability of such names, for partial job output recovery.

* while it's likely good to check if the file exists, I'm not so 
sure about "simply removing" the file if it already exists (as 
suggested somewhere) - might be much better to signal  an error 
and abort - there's some funny business going  on in that case...
or is there? - what does the mom do for rerun, suspended and
checkpointed jobs, and after a mom polling restart is the goal also to
reopen the same files? I suspect yes, so you might want a predictable name
, or at least persistent tracking of an unpredictable one (as Luis 
suggests)) - but that's still going to complicate rescue of
partial job outputs in the face of system failure, unless that
persistent tracking table is easily human-readable (perhaps only
by privileged users...)

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