[torqueusers] command line parameters

Craig Macdonald craigm at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Thu Oct 19 18:34:40 MDT 2006

> A potential problem with this is that there are three different shell
> startup options in TORQUE (--enable-shell-pipe [default], --disable-
> shell-pipe, and --enable-shell-use-argv), and I'm not sure that this
> feature could be made to work with all three of them without some
> seriously ugly hacks.

I havent had a chance to study the relevant code in detail. 
so please pardon my naievity, but I presume that the jobs scripts are 
started in the following manners:

cat job.SC | sh
sh job.SC

How does the third option function (--disable-shell-pipe)?
Is this a direct execution of job, as if it executable?

Moreover, what are the respective advantages and disadvantages
of each option? Are all necessary, or is it for platform-specific quirks?

The support for job args could be conditionally defined in the code
if --enable-shell-use-argv is enabled?

>Another problem is that globs won't necessarily work the way people

Shell expansion globbing is normally done by the shell, when a command is execute.
As I see it, either the job could cd to $PBS_O_WORKDIR on startup, or filenames
could be expanded to full paths (not perfect when compute nodes have
different filesystem layouts). 

Or the caveats are just left to apply. 
I would assume that most use of arguments would be parameters to start
jobs rather than filenames.


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