[torqueusers] command line parameters

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Thu Oct 19 11:52:12 MDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 16:40 +0100, Craig Macdonald wrote:
> > > In the past I have been using this kind of syntax
> > > with SGE but actually it seems not to be possible
> > > in TORQUE.
> <snip>
> > Arguments aren't in the Batch Services specification, <snip>
> Yes, according to 
> http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/000095399/utilities/qsub.html
> I presume.
> I just downloaded SGE and checked the qsub man page - command line 
> arguments are passed to the script.
> Surely this would be fairly straightforward to provide? Take a copy the 
> remaining contents of argv and pass when the script is run? A clunky 
> option would be for qsub to put the args in a specially-names environment 
> variable for the purposes of pbs_server. The pbs_mom would know how to
> process this specially named env variable.
> As current qsub wont accept any parameters after the job file anyway this 
> is a backwardly compatable change. It has the added bonus of minimising 
> any user noticable incompatabilities between SGE and Torque.

A potential problem with this is that there are three different shell
startup options in TORQUE (--enable-shell-pipe [default], --disable-
shell-pipe, and --enable-shell-use-argv), and I'm not sure that this
feature could be made to work with all three of them without some
seriously ugly hacks.f them without some ugly hacks.

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