[torqueusers] install torque on Solaris 10

Victor Baptista yakkowarn3r at yahoo.com.br
Wed Oct 11 13:16:33 MDT 2006

I've successfully installed Torque 2.1.0p0 on solaris
In order to get my solaris box to be "usable", I had
to install al lot of Gnu Packages from sunfreeware.org
and blastwave.org

I don't remember exactly what packages I've installed,
but I think you should install Gnu gcc, make, libc and
etc..if you haven't done it yet.
Another thing you sould try is adding /usr/sfw/bin,
/opt/sfw/bin and /usr/sfw/sbin to your $PATH.

If you did these, and still couldn't install torque,
tell me wich version are you trying to install and
I'll try to install on my environment.

Hope this can help you.

Victor Baptista

MSN: yakkowarn3r at hotmail.com

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