[torqueusers] problem with PBS_NODEFILE

ajit mote ajitm at cdac.in
Tue Oct 10 08:57:10 MDT 2006

Hi all,
> > Hi all,
> >     in my setup PBS_NODEFILE variable does not set in environment ...
> >     because of this my job get existed ...
> > 
> >     what and where is the problem?
> Is there an error message starting the job?
> Is this a new cluster that you are trying to get running for the first
> time, or is this a new problem?
   what i observed is that :
            """ before this problem arise , we are using torque with
external scheduler(Moab) so in pbs script i used for number of processor
is #PBS -l ncpus=2 and it set PBS_NODEFILE .
             But this time , for some testing purpose when we used only
torque it does not set PBS_NODEFILE environment variable. If u used #PBS
-l nodes=2 then torque will set PBS_NODEFILE environment variable and
everything goes smooth.
             if u observed the same , please tell me the reason why this
is so? """

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 Ajit Mote
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