[torqueusers] How to clean up rogue user processes ?

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Tue Oct 3 15:10:03 MDT 2006

We need to be able to clean up rogue user processes left behind on
SMP nodes after Torque jobs have finished.  Each SMP node may run
multiple jobs belonging to multiple users.  We've used a shell script
on our older single-CPU nodes, but something more general is needed
for SMP nodes.

Does anyone have a script/tool for cleaning up user processes
on nodes in the case where the user ought not to have any processes
running on that node ?

Additional details:
Some of our users don't use the Torque TM interface, so the MOM
can't necessarily track user processes.  I guess that epilogue
scripts are of limited use on SMP nodes, right ?


Ole Holm Nielsen
Dept. of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

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