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Cluster Resources Newsletter – September 2006
Optimizing your Compute Resources



1.Grids That Learn – Improving Application Efficiency with Moab
2.New Version Releases of Cluster Resources’ Products
3.ClusterBuilder.org Expands: Introduces Clustering Encyclopedia
4.DID YOU KNOW: Common Technical Questions

Grids That Learn – Improving Application Efficiency with Moab

Cluster Resource, Inc.® announced at GridWorld’s Exhibit Showcase
the inclusion of Grid Learning in Moab Grid Suite® -- a new feature
designed to help maximize usage of grid resources.

Grid Learning provides added intelligence and adaptability to Moab
Grid Suite. This intelligence enables Moab to learn strategies over
time such as the allocation of optimal resources to a given
application, the effective data transfer rate between clusters for
automated date migration and expected job execution times for given
users and accounts. Using this information, Moab continuously improves
its workload management decisions, increasing system utilization and
reducing average wait time.

Moab Grid Suite is the first workload management solution to implement
a feature such as Grid Learning into the scheduling decisions. Cluster
Resources is further applying this technology to its Cluster and Utility
Computing/On-Demand solutions, using the detailed knowledge of
current environment and future decisions to make Moab’s peer-enabled
services smarter.

"Not only does Grid Learning further enhance Moab's ability to achieve
90-99 percent utilization of compute resources, but it also helps Moab
pro-actively adapt to resource failures and environmental changes
automatically," said Michael Jackson, President of Cluster Resources.
"When you optimize your resources with a self-tuning system, jobs run
faster and you accomplish more work in less time, resulting in improved
return on investment across the grid."

New Version Release of Cluster Resources’ Products

Cluster Resources has released new versions of Moab Workload Manager® and
Moab Access Portal®.

Moab Workload Manager patch 8

Patch 8 contains new enhancements and feature extensions. Customers can
download this new version at: http://www.clusterresources.com/downloads/mwm/
The new patch version is also available to download as an evaluation at:

Moab Access Portal 4.5.0

As announced in last months newsletter, 4.5.0 of Moab Access Portal includes
the simplifying of the installation process. The Linux distribution of Moab
Access Portal comes embedded with Java and the servlet engine Tomcat. 
The new
version also has improved submission screens, which are more intuitive, 
it easier for users to create scripts on-the-fly. 4.5.0 offers the improved
reading of large messages for jobs and nodes using tool-tips.

Additionally, Cluster Resources eradicated possible security 
improved the memory footprint and fixed other small bugs.

You can view the new features via our online demo in a couple of days at:

These updates were applied to Moab Access Portal for Grids as well.
A version that does not contain Java is also available for use on 
systems that
need a different version of Java.

Customers can download Moab Access Portal at:

The Moab Access Portal is also available for evaluators to download at:

ClusterBuilder.org Expands: Introduces Clustering Encyclopedia

Cluster Resources, Inc. and LinuxHPC.org announced the release of
ClusterBuilder.org version 1.3 (http://www.clusterbuilder.org), 
featuring the
new Clustering Encyclopedia – a specialized reference source of 
computing (HPC) technologies and products.

ClusterBuilder.org is a Web site created through the combined efforts of 
Resources (http://www.clusterresources.com) and LinuxHPC.org
(http://www.linuxhpc.org), designed to help cluster administrators, 
evaluators and purchase evaluators build out better cluster, grid and
utility-based computing environments.

The new Clustering Encyclopedia adds more than 130 new articles and 160 
pages of
cluster related information, demonstrating ClusterBuilder.org's 
continued efforts
to provide an HPC-centric research location and information portal for HPC

In addition to the encyclopedia, the new version of ClusterBuilder.org also
contains a hyper-linked index, which acts as a portal to quickly and 
easily guide
users to the specific content they seek.

Did You Know: Common Technical Questions

Have a question about the installation of Moab? Cluster Resources has 
answers to common technical questions at

The information answers many common questions sites have during the 
and initial configuration of Moab. Over the next few months, Cluster 
Resources will
continue to update these questions with more answers and troubleshooting 

Cluster Resources also has a FAQ page that answers common questions 
about the Moab
evaluation. The FAQ is located at:


Contact Us:
Product Feedback, Technical Support, Consulting and Custom Development 
can be sent to info at clusterresources.com or call us at +1 (801) 717-3700

Moab Workload Manager®, Moab Cluster Manager®, and Moab Access Portal® are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Cluster Resources Incorporated®.

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