[torqueusers] Xeon submit host for both Xeon and Opteron nodes?

Jacques Foury Jacques.Foury at math.u-bordeaux1.fr
Thu Nov 23 17:27:37 MST 2006

Ryan Thompson a écrit :
> Hi Mike,
> We currently use an Intel Xeon submit node and all our compute nodes 
> are amd opterons.
> If you use separate queues it should be fine.
> Cheers
> -- 
> Ryan Thompson,
> HPC Systems Administrator
> ryan at zymeworks.com

Hi Ryan and all others.

Here we have a problem we've not seen yet.

I've parted the cluster with 11 Xeon nodes (named ruche) and 14 Opteron 
nodes (named callas).

I've made pure opteron queues and pure xeon queues with :

- in the nodes file
xeonname np=2 xeon ruche
opteronname np=2 opteron callas

- in the queues definitions
set queue ruche resources_default.neednodes = ruche
set queue callas resources_default.neednodes = callas

- in the MAUI config


And we thought all was all right !

BUT if we submit more than 48 jobs in the callas queue, the 49th job is 
submitted to a xeon node !!!

How can I ensure this never happens ?

(what I found is :
# checknode xeonname

checking node xeonname


Features:   [xeon]
Attributes: [Batch]
Classes:    [callas 2:2][ruche 2:2][batch 2:2]

how comes the "Features" tell only "xeon" "ruche" but we can see 
"callas" in the classes ?????)

Thanks for any help...


Jacques Foury
Ingénieur d'études
Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux
Université Bordeaux 1 / CNRS
Tel : 05 4000 69 56
Fax : 05 4000 21 23

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