[torqueusers] torque 2.1.2-r2 & maui 3.1.2-p16 don't execute jobs properly

Benj FitzPatrick benjfitz at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 14:23:58 MST 2006

I finally got around to trying torque, and 
have run into some issues.  I have gotten job 
submission/execution to work with a simple awk job where I 
count to 10000 10^4 times using nested for loops.  That is, I 
see the awk job pop up on the compute node and it takes about 
15 seconds.  However, when I try a g03 or a molpro job they 
get submitted, but they finish immediately and have used no 
resources (according to the torque logs).  I have made sure 
that the environment variables are set correctly, so I am 
stumped.  I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. 
PS  I attached the script I use below. 
#specify name 
#PBS -N awk 
#run queue 
#PBS -q batch 
#num procs 
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1 
cd /ab/benjfitz/tests 
touch dme.txt 
echo "touch done" >./dme.txt 
date >>./dme.txt 
echo "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" >>./dme.txt 
echo "library path done" >>./dme.txt 
date >>./dme.txt 
awk 'BEGIN {for(i=0;i<10000;i++)for(j=0;j<10000;j++);}' 
echo "awk done" >>./dme.txt 
date >>./dme.txt 
molpro <./normal_ccsd.com 
echo "molpro done" >>./dme.txt 
date >>./dme.txt 
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