[torqueusers] qstat -x

Victor Baptista yakkowarn3r at yahoo.com.br
Tue Nov 21 05:34:30 MST 2006

I've been using torque about 1,5 year now, and I'm
developing an web interface to help us track currently
running jobs and etc..
We have some specific needs in our web interface that
keeps us to use any other web interface.
To develop this web interface, i've been using 'qstat
-f' and interpret its output with php scripts.

Yesterday, when I was using the command 'pbsnodes -x'
to display the output of the nodes in xml and parse
it, I accidentally typed 'qstat -x', and it gave me
the job output in xml too.

I've read torque documentation(torque wiki, man and
some google searchs that I did), but I wasnt able to
find any references to the '-x' flag in qstat.

Does anyone have or knows where I can find the
documentation about it?

I'm using torque 2.1.6

Thanks in advance


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