[torqueusers] pbstools 1.4 released

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Thu Nov 16 15:16:35 MST 2006


This is a collection of utilities that have been developed at OSC to aid
in the administration and management of PBS variants (including OpenPBS,
PBS Pro, and TORQUE).  They have been developed primarily on Linux
clusters, but most of them should be applicable to virtually any system
running a PBS variant.

User tools:

bin/ja -- Job accounting within a PBS job; similar to "ja" in NQE.

bin/pbsdcp -- Distributed copy command within a PBS job.

bin/qps -- ps for PBS jobs.

bin/qpeek -- Allows users to look at spooled output of running jobs.

Admin tools:

sbin/dezombify -- Requeue a "running" PBS job that's not actually
running because it had JOIN JOB failures.

sbin/qtracejob.pbs-server -- Wrapper around the tracejob command to
give a time-sorted list of log messages from all hosts involved.

sbin/reaver -- Find (and optionally clean up) processes on a host
which have not been allocated jobs on that host.

sbin/showscript.pbs-server -- Show the script associated with a jobid.

Reporting tools:

There are two reporting tools included:  a simple Perl script
(sbin/jobstats), and a more elaborate and flexible MySQL/PHP based
reporting system.  The MySQL database can optionally store job scripts
as well, which can be very handy for user support.

Read-only Subversion access is also available at

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