[torqueusers] Unexpected qsub error

David McGiven david.mcgiven at fusemail.com
Thu Nov 16 04:52:07 MST 2006

Dear Torque users,

I had to powerdown my two servers for electrical maiteinance. When I
turned them on again, I found the following error when trying to submit

"qsub: Job exceeds queue resource limits"

But i'm asking for two processors where the machine has more than 10
processors free.

This never happened before, and I'm sure I didn't change anything from
the config files. Could someone please give me advice ?

The only thing I did was to qdel with "-p" option some jobs before
shutting the server down. Can this have affected ?

Thanks in advance.


The script I'm trying to submit :

#PBS -S /bin/tcsh
#PBS -m n
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -k oe
#PBS -l nodes=2
#PBS -M david
#PBS -q incal
#PBS -r n
# name
#PBS -N gli_g03-2
if ($?LD_LIBRARY_PATH) setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/soft/gaussian03
setenv g03root "/opt/soft/gaussian03"
setenv GAUSS_SCRDIR "/scratch"
source $g03root/g03/bsd/g03.login
setenv GAUSS_LFLAGS "-nodefile $PBS_NODEFILE"

g03 glico01.com > glico01.log

The machine where pbs_server runs is :

- Dell Poweredge, Intel Xeon 3.4 Ghz, Debian, 2.6 i686 kernel
- Troque version : torque-2.0.0p8
- Maui version : maui-3.2.6p14

The machine where pbs_mom runs is :

- SGI Altix 330, Intel Itanium2 1.5 Ghz SLES9 (10 CPU's)
- Torque version : 2.0.0p7

The logfile from the pbs_server :

11/13/2006 15:39:35;0100;PBS_Server;Req;;Type AuthenticateUser request
received from david at machine, sock=12 

11/13/2006 15:39:35;0100;PBS_Server;Req;;Type QueueJob request received
from david at machine, sock=11 

11/13/2006 15:39:35;0080;PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply
code=15036(Job exceeds queue resource limits), aux=0, type=QueueJob,
from david at machine

The logfile from the pbs_mom :

- Nothing new is shown on the log when qsub issued.

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