[torqueusers] Xeon submit host for both Xeon and Opteron nodes?

Mike Renfro renfro at tntech.edu
Wed Nov 15 15:51:02 MST 2006

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but if I'm wrong, I 
definitely need to be corrected before I make a bad purchase.

I've currently got 17 Xeon nodes attached to various queues and running 
pbs_mom, and a Xeon submit host running pbs_server and Maui. If I add on 
some Opteron nodes running pbs_mom into other queues, can I manage both 
sets of nodes from the one Xeon submit host?

I'm >99% certain the answer is "yes, this is ok, people have been doing 
this for years", since the submit host only handles accounting and 
delegation of jobs, but I want to make absolutely certain. Thanks.

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro at tntech.edu

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