[torqueusers] GRES & maui

Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Nov 10 17:25:22 MST 2006

I'm guessing Maui doesn't fully support GRES?



Checknode shows:


Configured Resources: PROCS: 1  MEM: 3015M  SWAP: 3015M  DISK: 1M  ack: 3

Utilized   Resources: PROCS: 1  ack: 3



Maui.cfg excerpt:


NODECFG[m2] GRES=ack:3



Pbs_mom config:

pbsserver m1

$ideal_load 3.5

$max_load 3.5

ack 3




Pbsnodes -a





and what about dynamic resources and maui? (!myscript) 







Sam Rash

srash at yahoo-inc.com




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