[torqueusers] Get Torque to send Email messages again

Anna Jonna Armannsdottir annaj at hi.is
Fri Nov 10 06:13:49 MST 2006

Hi I just joined this list as i am administrating 
an IBM Blade cluster with a Torque PBS. 

I have a problem with finding out why my users 
are not getting the messages that the batch system 
seems to be sending. Now according to the logs 
the system sends messages to the correct email addresses 
formed as username at FQDN . 
Apparently it never reaches sendmail on the system. 
Now sendmail and mail have been confirmed to work correctly. 
The remote possibility that Torque is using tcp to connect 
to the mail system, just struck my mind, and then the firewall 
rules might interfere. The firewall rules are designed not 
to interfere. 

So if anybody has any idea of how the email messages are 
transferred from Torque to the local mail system, please 
share, cause it might help to solve this problem. 

Similar questions have been asked before on this list and 
seemingly they have never been answered. 


Kindest Regards, Anna Jonna Ármannsdóttir,
Unix System Aministration, Computing Services, 
University of Iceland.

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