[torqueusers] map a queue to a set of nodes

scoggins jscoggins at lbl.gov
Wed Nov 8 10:02:30 MST 2006

This is the way I worked around that issue because I to am not using  
Maui or Moab.

I set properties on all the nodes.  Separating the different class of  
nodes.  The users must allows specify the default node type which is  
shared or they have to be specific on the type of node they want to  
run on.  If they did not place any value for the node then torque  
will run on all available nodes no matter what.

If someone comes up with a better solution then I am game for it to.   
But this was my fix.


   cat nodes

node0000  special
node0001  special
node0002  special
node0003  shared
node0004  shared
node0005  mix

qsub -l  nodes=shared        or qsub -l nodes=special     or qsub -l  

I also used the neednodes on the queue that I had setup specifically  
for that node to use.

I hope this helps.



On Nov 8, 2006, at 8:06 AM, Valerie Favier wrote:

> Hi ,
> I use Torque 2.1.6 but neither Moab nor Maui.
> I want to map a queue to a set of nodes; i.e. I want that a job,  
> submitted in this queue, runs only on one of these nodes.  So to do  
> that, I try the "resources_default.neednodes" propertie for the  
> queue, but it doesn't work, I think it's because Moab or Maui is  
> not used.
> After I use "set queue batch acl_hosts" but it doesn't work too.  
> The jobs are launched on the nodes that are not declared in the  
> acl_hosts list.
> Must "resources_default.neednodes" be used only with Moab or Maui ?
> Why acl_hosts doesn't work ?
> Have you any other idea to map a queue to a set of nodes ?
> Thanks in advance for all your help,
> Valerie
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