[torqueusers] arch parameter ignored ??

Marchand Corine Corine.Marchand at ext.bull.net
Mon Nov 6 02:02:04 MST 2006

Hi all again,

After our problem with "required_property", we come back to borrow you 
with maybe a bug in current Torque release (2.1.6).
We try to use the "arch" parameter to specify node architecture (linux, 
osx, bsd and so on), and this parameter seems to be completely ignored.
We try different ways to force Torque to use it:
       - specify it on the "set nodes" at qmgr level (queues creation 
and nodes declaration)
       - specify it in configuration file: .../server_priv/nodes (arch=xxx)
(of course we restart all deamons on all nodes :-)

And no result.... So please help us (Does this "arch" parameter is 
implemented in current release because we saw on source code that 
"neednodes" isn't but we don't see any "TODO" for "arch" ;-)


Corine Marchand
HPC Cluster Management Division
Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
corine.marchand at bull.net
Tél : + 33 04 76 29 70 10

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