[torqueusers] pbs_server and nodes file how to handle comments

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Mon Mar 27 05:19:43 MST 2006

> Adding nodes almost works.  It would require that the server pings all
> of the nodes again to send out a new addr list.  Since it would be
> impractical to immediately start repinging nodes on every node create
> operation, I was thinking about a server attribute, "ping_nodes", that
> you would set to True to initiate a full round of node pings.
> Additionally, newly created nodes would start in the offline state.
> So you would 1) create as many nodes as you want, 2) 's s ping_nodes=T',
> 3) wait for ping_nodes to become false again, 4) clear the offline state
> on new nodes.

Hm. Again just being too lazy to read the source, how often does the
server publish a full node list regardless?  I know for our own small
cluster and the frequency we find ourselves doing the operation,
it'd be fine for added nodes to just be state = unknown (or a new state,
like pending) for a while.

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