[torqueusers] Job Allocation problem

Garrick Staples garrick at usc.edu
Tue Mar 21 12:43:33 MST 2006

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 10:26:01AM +0000, Mark Meenan alleged:
> I have come across an interesting problem. A user of the cluster 
> submitted a couple of hundred jobs to the queue - by default they went 
> into the feed queue and the resources requested were such that they were 
> moved to the long queue, which then filled up to the max_queuable limit. 
> The jobs that remain then were moved to the parallel queue (which is 
> logical even if I did not anticipate it). However the jobs when they 

This is handled by using 2 routing queues.  The second acts as a sink
to hold overflow from the execution queue.
    -> short_route (has short's resources_min/max)
         -> short (has max_queueable)
    -> long_route
         -> long

> went into the parallel queue were allocated 8 nodes - which is not the 
> behaviour I would have expected. 

Are you sure they were actually allocated 8 nodes?  Or was that just the
nodect reported by qstat.  Double check the actual nodes assigned with
'qstat -f'.


The patch was committed to 2.1.0, but should apply fine to 1.2 or 2.0.

> >set queue long resources_max.nodect = 1
> >set queue long resources_max.nodes = 1
> >set queue long resources_max.walltime = 50:00:00
> >set queue long resources_default.cput = 24:00:00
> >set queue long resources_default.nodes = 1
> >set queue long resources_default.walltime = 50:00:00
> I have since added the following lines of configuration and expect that 
> this will solve the particular problem, but I would like to know the 
> reason why the resources allocated was 8 nodes
> > set queue parallel resources_min.nodect = 2
> > set queue parallel resources_min.nodes = 2
> > set queue parallel resources_default.nodect = 2
> > set queue parallel resources_default.nodes = 2

"max" resources are used as defaults if the resource isn't already set
or has a default.  While this may seem confusing, it allows for things
like "resources_max.vmem" to become limits on MOM.

With the patch above, nodect should be properly computed from "nodes" so
you don't have to worry about it.  Without the patch, you need
default.nodect to do everything properly.

Also, "nodes" is a string, so min/max.nodes doesn't mean anything.

Garrick Staples, Linux/HPCC Administrator
University of Southern California
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