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etienne gondet etienne.gondet at mercator-ocean.fr
Tue Mar 21 10:34:23 MST 2006

    My understanding is :

the right PBS card to limit real memory use and have the job killed if 
going over this limit is
pvmem and not pmem or mem

But pvmem only control static and heap memory so if you use particularly 
a fortran compiler in
automatic mode for local array  on an application using local array or 
automatic array (dimensionned
through an integer argument in a sub routine) you won't control all the 

And there is no way to control both stack, heap and static with one PBS 

So the trick is to make sure not to use the stack area like with pgi 
With pgi in static mode-Msave at least on x86_64 :
     then you may control all the memory because :
        local array go in the bss (static area)
        and automatic array in the heap ( in 5.2 and 6.0).

    Etienne Gondet.

Seb Seb a écrit:

> Dear All,
> Is there a way to automaticaly kill jobs which use more memory than 
> the amount specified by -l mem = xx mb or by resources_max.mem = xx mb ?
> For exemple, for a queue where resources_max.mem is 6 GB, a job which 
> uses 9 GB of memory runs without any problem. How to avoid this and 
> automaticaly kill the job?
> Best regards,
> Seb
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