[torqueusers] Problem on SGI ALTIX

konnipati murali munnu_k_mm at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 03:13:16 MST 2006

Dear All,
             I installed   torque-2.0.0p8 on SGI ALTIX system having 24 processors and 48 GB main  memory with 2.4.21-sgi306r6  linux kernel. On the same system i am  running pbs_mom,pbs_server and pbs_sched dameons.
  After installed of torque i followed the procedure given in the below site,..
  set server operators = gypse at tropica.npsf.cdac.ernet.in
  set server operators += username at headnode
  create queue batch
  set queue batch queue_type = Execution
  set queue batch started = True
  set queue batch enabled = True
  set server default_queue = batch
  set server resources_default.nodes = 1
  set server scheduling = True
  and the folloiwng in the PBS_HOME/server_priv/nodes file
  tropica np=24
  and in the "config" file in mom_priv directory..
  $pbsserver    tropica
  $logeven       255
  For pbsnodes -a command it is giving following output...
       state = free
       np = 24
       ntype = cluster
       status = opsys=linux,uname=Linux tropica  2.4.21-sgi306r6 #1 SMP Sat Jun 18 14:43:35 PDT 2005 ia64,sessions=10081  10082 10156 10157 10228 10229 10349 10350 11615 11616 11683 23491 23492  23544 32554 30330 19015 19210 15908 15909 20020 20586 22285 22820 23599  24203 25104 27253 30321 631 632 1066 2993 16194 16876 16877 17035  18154,nsessions=38,nusers=7,idletime=815,totmem=57032064kb,availmem=47283360kb,physmem=47817120kb,ncpus=24,loadave=18.03,netload=58625717438,state=free,jobs=?  15201,rectime=1142243975
  But my problem is with the scheduling. I have 24 processor system. When  i submit a 24 processor job and after 2 minutes when i submit another  24 processors job. Ideally, PBS has to put the second job in the Queue.  But in my case, when i checked with "qstat" command,for both the jobs  it is showing "R" in the status column. 
  Then i tried to submit three 24 processors jobs continuously. Then it  is showing all the jobs in the Running mode and when i checked with the  top command. on each processors it is running more than 2 process.
  Is there any problem with the configuration in my installation...Can any body please help me in this regard,
  Thanking you in advance,
  Yours sincerely,
  Murali Krishna Konnipati.
  Can anybody

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