[torqueusers] job runs only in 1 node

biolabadmin at ibt.lt biolabadmin at ibt.lt
Fri Mar 10 03:13:36 MST 2006


I have some problems with torque and mpich 2 maybe you could help me

i want to use torque on cluster with 15 work nodes and 1 master node.

i instaled Torque with maui sheduler

pbsnodes -l shows all active nodes, when i try to execute job
qsub -l nodes=4 ./try.sh , pbsnodes -l says what these 4 nodes are working
job executes only in one last node.

if i use with mpich   and torque
qsub -l nodes=4 and mpiexec -n 4 /try.sh, the i got my asked results.
How to make torque add jobs on all asked nodes? thx

or maybe you know good howto explaining all these problems?


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