[torqueusers] custom route queue

Marcin mar_mog at o2.pl
Thu Mar 2 11:03:40 MST 2006

Hm, it looks nice, but I can't find any description of processing 
command line parameters specified with qsub command. If, for example, 
someone uses 'qsub -l', how can I alter it inside this script?

	Marcin Mogielnicki

Andrew J Caird wrote:
> Have you tried putting your logic in a job submission filter?
> http://www.clusterresources.com/products/torque/docs20/a.jqsubwrapper.shtml
> That might work better than trying to manipulate the job after the fact.
> --andy
> On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Marcin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My cluster consists of mixed machines and I have specific need of
>> manipulating submitted jobs. Rules look like this:
>> 1) jobs with nodes=(4|8) are rewritten to nodes=1:ppn=(4|8)
>> 2) jobs with nodes=x:ppn=(1|2) go into queue y
>> 3) jobs with nodes=1:ppn=(4|8) go into queue z
>> 4) any remaining - qdel
>> My question is - is it possible to achieve in inside torque, using route
>> queue? I'm actually using external script with commands qmove, qalter
>> and qdel inside, but such solution triggers two bugs inside maui
>> scheduler. Reported, of course, with no answer at all. The only solution
>> to workaround these bugs is to report class and nodes parameter
>> correctly when job is reported to maui first time. Using external script
>> means pushing it into route queue, reporting it to maui with given
>> parameters and then, after altering by routing script, both nodes
>> parameters and qos in maui stay wrong there forever.
>>     Marcin Mogielnicki
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