[torqueusers] custom route queue

Marcin mar_mog at o2.pl
Thu Mar 2 09:36:12 MST 2006


My cluster consists of mixed machines and I have specific need of 
manipulating submitted jobs. Rules look like this:

1) jobs with nodes=(4|8) are rewritten to nodes=1:ppn=(4|8)
2) jobs with nodes=x:ppn=(1|2) go into queue y
3) jobs with nodes=1:ppn=(4|8) go into queue z
4) any remaining - qdel

My question is - is it possible to achieve in inside torque, using route 
queue? I'm actually using external script with commands qmove, qalter 
and qdel inside, but such solution triggers two bugs inside maui 
scheduler. Reported, of course, with no answer at all. The only solution 
to workaround these bugs is to report class and nodes parameter 
correctly when job is reported to maui first time. Using external script 
means pushing it into route queue, reporting it to maui with given 
parameters and then, after altering by routing script, both nodes 
parameters and qos in maui stay wrong there forever.

	Marcin Mogielnicki

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