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nathaniel.x.woody at gsk.com nathaniel.x.woody at gsk.com
Thu Mar 2 08:53:33 MST 2006


I know a couple of other people out there are doing similar remote 
submission things so I figure I'd see if anybody can answer my question. I 
would like to do this:

qsub -u Nathaniel somescript.sh  from the command line of a different user 
on a different host.  so:

jimmy at ukwsv  > qsub -u Nathaniel somescript.sh

(Nathaniel can do this on the remote machine successfully, ie 
Nathaniel at ukwsv > qsub -u Nathaniel somescript.sh completes successfully)

This command should enter "Nathaniel" into the "User_List" parameter in 
the job request and the job should be submitted and run as Nathaniel on 
the cluster.  Provided that authentication suceeds, which should succeed 
if I provide the correct info in Nathaniel 's .rhost file.  So any of the 
following lines should work:

jimmy ukwsv

However, when I execute the command, I get back:
qsub: Job rejected by all possible destinations

If I trace further and I specify the queue (I have a routing queue set up 
as the default which routes to some execution queues, such as "short")

qsub -u Nathaniel -q short at pbsserver somesript.sh

I get back:
qsub:  Bad UID for job exection

If I remove the -q command and start the job in the held state so I can 
look at the properites:
Job Owner = jimmy
User_List = Nathaniel

This would suggest to me that either I have the rhosts configuration 
fouled up or Torque is ignoring the User_List information.  Can anyone 
recommend how they succeeded in getting something similar to this setup?

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