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Cluster Resources Newsletter – June 2006

Optimizing your Compute Resources



1. Cluster Resources to Open First European Base of Operation in the UK

2. Torque 2.1.1 Released

3. Moab Grid Suite Available for Evaluation at Cluster Resources' Web Site

4. Moab Cluster Software Certified on PSSC Labs' PowerWulf Clusters

5. DID YOU KNOW: /mshow -a/ (show available resources in Moab)


*Cluster Resources to Open First European Base of Operations in the UK*

Cluster Resources, Inc.^TM announced on June 26 the planned opening of a 
European base of operations in the United Kingdom to
provide greater support and services to the European region.

The new office is planned for a Q3 2006 opening at a location currently 
under negotiation in the United Kingdom. Cluster
Resources will make a future announcement on their Web site at 
_http://www.clusterresources.com <http://www.clusterresources.com/>_ 
detailing the specific date
and location.

“We are very pleased with the growth our company is experiencing,” said 
Michael Jackson, President of Cluster Resources. “The
UK facility will allow us to continue providing top quality service and 
support, but now with faster response times for
organizations based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as 
broader coverage for global organizations.”

The UK facility and other unannounced future expansions are due to 
strong sales of Cluster Resources’ innovative high
performance computing management solutions. The continued growth 
resulted in Cluster Resources’ recent upgrade to their third
headquarters location. For 2006, they are experiencing a growth rate 
estimated to be well over 100 percent from last year and
have grown 60 percent to 100 percent every year over the previous three 

“The time is perfect for an expanded European base of operations,” said 
Jackson. “We appreciate the customer and partner
relationships that have made this possible. The new facilities will 
allow us to provide added support and services, which will
help us continue delivering 90-99 percent utilization for clusters and 
grids across the world with our Moab products.”

Cluster Resources’ expanded support covers Moab customers, but also 
provides free support for Moab Cluster Suite_® and Moab Grid
Suite_® evaluators. The UK facility will offer these services as well, 
assisting sites with their testing of Moab solutions.


*Torque 2.1.1 Released*

Cluster Resources is pleased to announce the latest release of TORQUE: version 2.1.1. This release contains many enhancements,
fixes and new features including additional foundation work allowing support of dynamic jobs and cluster configurations.
Further improvements to diagnostics and more intuitive job submission behaviors are now in place. Full details are available
at http://www.clusterresources.com/torquechangelog

In addition to this release, we have also enabled anonymous check-out access for the TORQUE source code. We are using 
Subversion to manage the repository so community members can now download the most up-to-date code using any SVN compatible

Subversion is well documented and widely used throughout the open source world.(See http://subversion.tigris.org/ for 
downloads and documentation.) We hope that its use will further increase TORQUE's momentum, stimulate development and empower
the community.

Thanks for all your contributions and support.


*Moab Grid Suite Available for Evaluation at Cluster Resources' Web Site*

An evaluation license of Moab Grid Suite, an advanced metascheduler and 
grid workload manager, can now be downloaded from
Cluster Resources' Web site. Moab Grid Suite intelligently schedules all 
grid resources to automatically migrate jobs and
data to the optimal cluster on the grid, while taking into account all 
needed variables such as network, political policies,
job priorities and more. Moab supports popular resource managers (LSF, 
PBS Pro, TORQUE, LoadLeveler, SLURM, etc.) and
functions with or without Globus. The free evaluation can be found at 

One of the largest obstacles to grid computing is the loss of 
independence that cluster administrators may experience when
clusters are grouped into grids. Moab Grid Suite provides tools that 
allow multiple departments or organizations to share
resources while still maintaining cluster autonomy. For example, cluster 
administrators can set reservations and policies
for their own clusters, guaranteeing that end-users at any given cluster 
will be able to do their work when they need to.

Moab Grid Suite includes advanced features to facilitate managing a 
grid, such as a graphical interface for system management
and reports, and the ability to unify management across heterogeneous 
clusters (different hardware, operating systems,
resource managers, etc.).

Cluster Resources' technical support team will provide free Moab Grid 
Suite evaluation support to answer any questions
regarding installation and management of the grid environment. They can 
help you evaluate your specific computing needs and
environment. Information not found on the Web site can be requested by 
emailing _info at clusterresources.com <mailto:info at clusterresources.com>_. 
Complete Moab
Grid Suite product details can be seen at 


*Moab Cluster Software Certified on PSSC Labs' PowerWulf Clusters*

Cluster Resources, Inc.^TM announced earlier this month that their Moab 
Cluster Suite® software passed compatibility tests on
PSSC Lab's PowerWulf Linux clusters, offering a seamless solution for 
optimizing cluster workload management and return on

PSSC Labs' Beowulf Linux clusters, known as PowerWulf, are made to order, offering various options for configuration and 
capacity. PSSC Labs also provides full hardware and software support free for the life of the cluster. Adding Moab Cluster
Suite's intelligent scheduling capability and full tech support to PSSC's custom hardware and software package can increase
resource utilization to 90-99 percent through intelligent scheduling based on information  generated by the resource manager
and various hardware monitors. This creates a highly efficient system designed to optimize performance in any computing 

“Our goal is to give our customers the most efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective supercomputer possible,” said Alex Lesser,
PSSC Labs Vice President. “Moab makes our easy-to-use system even easier to manage.”

Moab gives administrators the power to manually change reservations and scheduling priorities as needed from a remote location.

The combination of PowerWulf and Moab provides a fully-supported 
hardware and software solution to maximize return on investment.

To learn more about PSSC Labs' PowerWulf clusters, or for custom 
configuration options, go to
<http://www.pssclabs.com/products/hpc_clusters.asp>. To learn more about 
Moab Cluster Suite, or for a free evaluation, go to
www.clusterresources.com/moab <http://www.clusterresources.com/moab>.

To read this article in its entirety, please visit 
http://www.clusterresources.com/media/Press Releases/Press Release_Final 


*DID YOU KNOW: /mshow -a/ (show available resources in Moab)*

The /mshow -a/ command allows system administrators to run a query of 
system resources that are or will be available. Users can
input job requirements to qualify the query, and Moab will retrieve a 
list of available times and nodes fitting the requirements.

For example, if you need to run a 15 hour job that requires three nodes 
you can use /mshow -a/ to have Moab find the next time
that three nodes will simultaneously be available for 15 hours. Using 
the /-flags=tid /command will assign a transaction ID to
the results of the /mshow -a/ query.


/mshow -a -w duration=15:00:00,minprocs=3,os=AIX53,jobfeature=shared /

/Partition Tasks Nodes Duration StartOffset StartDate/
/--------- ----- ----- -------- ----------- --------------/
/ALL         1     3   15:00:00  00:00:00   13:28:09_04/27 TID=4 ReqID=0/
/ALL         1     3   15:00:00  10:00:00   17:14:48_04/28 TID=5 ReqID=0/
/ALL         1     3   15:00:00  20:00:00   21:01:27_04/29 TID=6 ReqID=0/

You can then call up the transaction ID representing the reservation you 
want to set to automatically reserve those resources.

/mrsvctl -c -R 4/

For full instructions and details regarding capabilities, go to 


*Contact Us: *

Product Feedback, Technical Support, Consulting and Custom Development 
queries can be sent to info at clusterresources.com 
<mailto:info at clusterresources.com> or call
us at +1 (801) 873-3400

Moab Workload Manager_® , Moab Cluster Manager_® and Monitor_® , and 
Moab Access Portal_® are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Cluster Resources Inc^TM .

* TORQUE Resource Manager software developed by NASA Ames Research 
Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Veridian
Information Solutions, Inc. Visit www.OpenPBS.org for OpenPBS software 
support, products, and information. TORQUE is neither
endorsed by nor affiliated with Altair Grid Solutions, Inc.

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