[torqueusers] - I need some help with qsub

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Tue Jun 27 10:13:42 MDT 2006

>     also read all the mails in torqueusers matching the  term 'Bad UID
>     for job
>     execution'. I have followed every tip i could find but no luck.

Just all ALL nodes you will (or your users will) submit jobs from into your
~/.rhosts. That should do it.
Also check for valid DNS resolves and a proper "search mydomain.com" in

root btw is exempt from submitting jobs, usually.

>     The qsub works great on myhost (wich .rhots modified and no
>     /etc/hosts.eqiv
>     file) but qsub doesnt work on any other node in the network. Also
>     acl_host is
>     disabled - 'set queue batch acl_host_enable=false'.

That doesn't matter. I dont know if qsub or the server, but they call
ruser_ok() (or somesuch) checking against the ~/.rhosts and hosts.equiv files.


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