[torqueusers] PBS job failure when trying to run an MPI program on multiple nodes

Christopher J. Tengi tengi at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jun 26 14:06:31 MDT 2006

    I've asked about this on the rocks-discuss list, but nobody there 
seems to know exactly what is going on or why.  Below is my original 
message to that list.  After sending the message, I discovered that my 
MAUI configuration was optimizing my request and assigning up to 4 
processors on the same node, rather than splitting my job up on 4 
nodes,  as long as there was one node with 4 processors available.  
Perhaps somebody on this list can shed more light on the subject....

   I am running Rocks 4.1 on a bunch of SunFire X4100s (x86_64) using 
the PBS roll instead of SGE.  I have a very simple "hello world" type of 
MPI program I'm using for testing, but my tests are failing when I try 
to use multiple processors on multiple nodes.  Here is the PBS file:

#PBS -l walltime=10:00,nodes=2:ppn=2
# merge STDERR into STDOUT file
#PBS -j oe
# sends mail if the process aborts, when it begins, and
# when it ends (abe)
#PBS -m abe
#PBS -M tengi at CS.Princeton.EDU
mpiexec ./mpitest

   The error EMail I get is attached to this message, but appears to 
boil down to:

       /opt/torque/spool/43.c2.cs.pr.OU: No such file or directory

Note that this job works fine with up to 4 processors on 1 node, and 
works fine with 4 nodes with 1 processor per node.  However, If I try 
anything with more than 1 node and more than one processor per node, I 
get an error like the one above.  I just discovered that I also get a 
similar error with more than 4 nodes, even if I specify only a single 
processor per node.  I thought it might be related to directory modes on 
the spool directory, but a cluster-forked 'ls' command returns output 
like this for every compute node:

drwxr-xr-x  12 root root 4096 Oct 19  2005 /opt
drwxr-xr-x  18 root root 4096 Jun 15 11:45 /opt/torque
drwxrwxrwt   2 root root 4096 Jun 16 12:31 /opt/torque/spool

   One odd thing I see is that only 2 of the compute nodes (10 and 11 - 
the top 2 reported "up" by 'pbsnodes -a') have spool directory 
timestamps today.  I don't know if/how that matters.  BTW, here is the 
'pbsnodes -a' output for compute-0-11.  The 11 nodes before it have 
similar information:

    state = free
    np = 4
    ntype = cluster
    status = opsys=linux,uname=Linux compute-0-11.local 2.6.9-22.ELsmp 
#1 SMP Sat Oct 8 21:32:36 BST 2005 


   So, has anybody seen this before?  Any ideas as to what I may be 
doing wrong?  Do I need to change anything from the default PBS or MAUI 
configurations?  It looks like I can only use a total of 4 processors 
and they either need to only be on 1 node or 1 per node on 4 nodes.  If 
it was just a processor count limit, I would have expected 2 nodes with 
2 processors each to work.  In any case, if it was a resource limit 
problem, I would have expected a different failure scenario.  Note that 
a google search for "Unable to copy file /opt/torque/spool/" came up 
with only one hit on the torqueusers mailing list and there was no 
resolution.  Should I be sending my query there instead of here?

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