[torqueusers] - I need some help with qsub

Christian Andersson christianan at mitrion.com
Tue Jun 27 03:49:28 MDT 2006

I am running torque-2.1.1 and i am stuck with the same problem that so many 
seem to have had before me. I have googled for hours and hours and i have 
also read all the mails in torqueusers matching the  term 'Bad UID for job 
execution'. I have followed every tip i could find but no luck.

The qsub works great on myhost (wich .rhots modified and no /etc/hosts.eqiv 
file) but qsub doesnt work on any other node in the network. Also acl_host is 
disabled - 'set queue batch acl_host_enable=false'.

PBS_Server;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code=15023(Bad UID for job execution), 
aux=0, type=QueueJob, from christianan at myotherhost

The strange thing is that one of my client nodes can submit jobs without any 
christianan at myhost$ echo "goodbye" |qsub

Every other client node gets:
christianan at myotherhost$ echo "hello" |qsub
qsub: Bad UID for job execution

I have added
$ cat .rhosts
myhost christianan

To all my client nodes changing "myhost" of course.

I have also added
$ cat /etc/hosts.equiv 
myhost christianan

To all my client nodes and my server node changing "myhost" of course.

Thank you in advance, Christian

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