[torqueusers] some 2.1.1 configure notes

Pete Wyckoff pw at osc.edu
Sun Jun 25 10:47:42 MDT 2006

Nice new configure system.  But I have a couple of issues for which
perhaps you can suggest workarounds.

I don't want to do "make install" as root.

I have an existing server_home with fine files in it that I'd rather
not touch.  Running as non-root, "make install" tries to change all
the perms of things in server_home, by calling $(PBS_MKDIRS) a few
times in src/server and src/resmom.  I hacked it out of the
Makefiles for now.  Is there a separate install target that avoids
the spool bits?

I configured --without-sched.  doc/Makefile* tries to soft link
pbs_sched.8 -> pbs_sched_none.8.  There is no pbs_sched_none.8 so
the "test -f" fails and the link doesn't happen.  Good, but because
"test -f" failed, the make dies with error.  Maybe add "|| true"
to the end of such lines.

Thanks for not explicitly trying to chown root.root in the pbs_iff
install, btw.  I can do that manually in my install procedure.

		-- Pete

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