[torqueusers] exceeding memory limits?

Caird, Andrew J acaird at umich.edu
Fri Jun 23 08:55:46 MDT 2006


Are you sure the gaussian jobs are staying within their limits and that
torque is actually wrong?

We've had some confusion here with Gaussians "mw" versus Torques "mb";
where 1mw = 8mb.

If you can reproduce this you might try running a Gaussian job via
torque and request all of the memory on a machine, then log in and watch
the memory usage with tools other than Torque (free, top, simple things
like that).


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> Hello,
> 	Periodically, some of my users are reporting errors 
> with their jobs.
> They keep getting:
> =>> PBS: job killed: mem 1207959552 exceeded limit 209715200 
> Killed Terminated
> This job had requested 200mb of memory. This is for a 
> gaussian job. What I am trying to understand is what this 
> means. I suspect torque thinks the job actually needs 1.2gb 
> of memory which is exceeding the limit of 200mb that this 
> person requested? I'd like to find more information about how 
> torque allocates/manages memory on nodes. If anyone has more 
> information about this I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks,
> -Steve
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