[torqueusers] Node np parameter adjusted automatically since 2.1.x ?

Daniel Widyono widyono at seas.upenn.edu
Fri Jun 23 05:45:00 MDT 2006

> But if there is no nodes file, then there are no nodes... and nothing
> to do.

Ahhhh, here is the difference.  I must be missing some step that's assumed by
the rest of y'all.  I install Torque on server and clients, then create the
nodes file manually, inserting node1 np=2 (or whatever) for each node.  Mind
you, the nodes might already be running pbs_mom which is valiantly trying to
contact pbs_server.  But I've run pbs_server -t create as specified in the
docs.  Does the -t create mode also try to automatically create node entries?

> It's both.  You can stop pbs_server, edit the file, and start
> pbs_server; this being useful for large updates.  Or you can use
> qmgr to make changes with the daemon running.
> As of 2.1.1, it is now possible to safely create or delete nodes,
> and change a node's np on-the-fly with qmgr.  Those actions were
> the only reasons why an admin *had* to edit it by hand.

Ah, good.  Those are the only reasons I've ever touched that file as well.

> Now I would imagine most admins using qmgr for all small changes and
> hand-edit the nodes file for larger changes.  As an editing environment,
> qmgr lacks some features compared to vim, emacs, and gedit :)

I see, I never made small changes to that file, so I'm realizing there's more
to it than I've ever cared to deal with.

> > That's what I mean by supporting comments; it handles them gracefully by
> > skipping them.  Glad to know.
> Until the next change comes along from pbs_server and writes a new nodes
> file.  Comments aren't preserved.

Oooh.  _very_ good to know.

Thanks for the time to help clarify,
Dan W.

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