[torqueusers] Guidelines needed

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Fri Jun 23 03:58:59 MDT 2006

> On my first compute node there are two processors. The maximum number of jobs 
> that might run on this node is restricted to two. This is regardless of the 
> On my second node the is only one processor and here the number of jobs are 
> restricted to one.

Usually pretty easy:

in $TORQUE_HOME/server_priv/nodes

set the np=<ncpus> parameter, like:

node1 np=2
node2 np=1

Also be sure to use the latest 2.1.1 torque as there was a bug affecting the 
distribution of jobs onto cpus (sometimes a cpu got 2+ jobs):

b - memory corruption on job exit causing cpu0 to be allocated more than once

That bug hit me real hard and it looks like it's affecting you, too


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